Prefab [pod] + pre-engineered [hôm] kit

Construction in hybrid mode 

[hôm] takes the concept of prefabrication and factory optimization to the next level to make you save time and money. Combining an ingenious prefabricated mechanical module [pod] and a pre-engineered [hôm] structure kit, the [hôm] range is built in series in a controlled offsite factory environment. Free yourself from construction! We do it for you! Discover how we do it! [hôm] revolutionize the way to build!

[hôm] features

An advanced level of factory finishes -
speeds up installation time

The Laprise [pod] at the heart of the [hôm] innovation

The [hôm] range is equipped with the Laprise [pod], a value-adding innovation. An integrated mechanical heart that centralizes the ventilation, plumbing, heating and electricity facilities into one clever module. The [pod] package also includes a complete factory-installed kitchen, bathroom, 3 wardrobes and more! A prefab module ready-to-deliver to site and ready-to-connect to services. Saves heaps of installation time on site and workers stepping on each other's toes. The mechanical [pod] minimizes installation time and labor costs.




Kitchen & bathroom

An advanced level of prefabrication-
speeds up the build process

Pre-engineered & standardized structural components

The intelligence of the [hôm] concept goes even further. High precision pre-engineered structural components are mass-produced on our leading edge technology assembly line (insulated floors, insulated walls panels with doors and windows preinstalled, roof trusses) are then grafted around the Laprise [pod]™. This level of advanced prefabrication ensures more controlled, efficient and faster home installation on-site.

Ready-to-install on site.
Ready-to-connect to services.

Thanks to its high level of prefabrication and factory optimization, [hôm] on-site installation times are accelerated and specialized labor costs reduced to a minimum. Your build process is thus improved and you can move in faster. ÔMG!

Pre-engineered &

Prefab floors, walls, roof 
+ Prefab [pod]

Delivery right
to your lot

Structural components + [pod] + standard equipment

on metal screw posts

Installation of structure + [pod] + exterior siding & roofing

More efficient build & installation processes

Weathertight installation
in only a few days

A ready-to-finish interior,
a solution to save more money

The [hôm] range of houses and cottages is designed to offer you a simplified construction process, provide value-adding equipment ​​and a ready-to-finish interior carefully planned to make the [hôm] solution as attractive and affordable for you as possible. Get involved in some minor interior finishings and enjoy the savings. Complete the project at you own pace with choices that best fit your values ​​and style. This way you can make your daily life more personalized, one small green gesture at a time!

Discover the [hôm] features

The [hôm] eco-friendly advantages

Solid and durable
house system

building envelope

Eco-friendly screwed
metal post foundation

compact house volumetry

reduces waste

Renewable FSC
wood framing

Energy Star®
doors and windows

Air exchanger
for healthy air quality

Get your project into gear
with [hôm]!

Discover how the [hôm] concept can facilitate your house or cottage project and get you closer to your dream and your budget.