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An eco-logical concept.
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With an innovative prefabrication process, an advanced level of finishes, all-inclusive preinstalled standard equipment and an optimized quality / price ratio, [hôm] is the starting point to realize your dream, adopt an efficient construction system and limit your impact on the environment. With [hôm] we do things differently. Because the ecology, your values and your budget matter to us. Discover how [hôm] can give wings to your home project.

The [hôm] models

Simplify your build. Simplify your life.

A thoughtful footprint
for eco-conscious living.

Reduce your eco-logical footprint! Make wise choices for our planet. Did you know that prefab can eliminate waste during construction? That smaller and optimized home footprint can cost less to purchase and consume less energy to run? That a metal screw foundation instead of concrete can minimize the impact in the ground and on the vegetation? Discover the [hôm] concept. A simpler, faster, more eco-friendly way to build your project.

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« The most ecological energy
is the energy that we do not use. »

An effective way to save costs on interior finishes

A ready-to-finish interior

With [hôm], we do all the technical aspects of construction for you. We pre-engineer & prefab the build offsite and pack in lots of standard features & equipment for you to save. We deliver directly to site and we install on your screw foundations. And with its ready-to-finish interior approach, you get to save even more. By getting involved with minor finishing tasks like floor coverings, plastering, painting, you get to save thousand of dollars. Then add your special finishing touch with materials, furniture and textiles that reflect your style and your eco-responsible values. Join the [hôm] family!

Unique prefab concept
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A ready-to-finish interior

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